Thursday, December 20, 2012

[Review] The Backyard Sessions

Miley confirmed that she's releasing another "Backyard Sessions" video on Christmas as a gift to all of us.
The “Backyard Sessions” took place earlier this summer when Miley brought her band together to perform some of her favorite songs.  The first song, “Lilac Wine” was written by James Shelton.

The “Backyard Sessions” took place earlier this summer when Miley brought her band together to perform some of her favorite songs.  The second in the series is “Look What They’ve Done To My Song” written by Melanie safka.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

[News] 5 Reasons Miley Was Born To Cover Billy Idol

You heard right. America’s controversial sweetheart, Miley is performing Billy Idol‘s “Rebel Yell” at this year’s VH1 DIVAS. We sneaked a peek at her closed rehearsal set, and it’s going to be wild. One word: cages. That is all.
Now, when the song and music video for the track that made British punk rocker Billy an MTV icon dropped in 1984, the future Mrs. Liam Hemsworth was like negative nine years old. But generation gap be damned, the similarities between the two stars is kind of hard to ignore. Here are five reasons Miley is the perfect choice to cover this tune:

#1 The Hair:
The spiky platinum blonde coif Miley’s sporting is looking a little familiar. I wouldn’t bat an eyelash if she suddenly revealed she’s actually Billy Idol’s estranged daughter. When she first went blonde and sheared her signature brown tresses over the summer, people were critical of her P!nk-like pixie. So Miley did what any rebel would do. She went and shortened it more, more, more.

#2 The Punk Style:
Miley is definitely embracing her punk side and loving it. You can’t  rock edgy hair without edgy clothes. Just last week at DJ Borgore’s ‘Christmas Creampies’ concert Miley wore tight leather pants, a cutout bra top and leopard-print boots as she shimmed alongside topless dancers. So, not so much the strippers, but everyone knows Billy Idol’s spiked and studded leather jackets with tight pants are punk fashion 101.

#3 The Vocal Rasp:
There’s no doubt Billy Idol created his own signature style with that unmistakable snarl. Well, Miley has her own amazingly raspy trademark growl that has served her well in distinguishing her voice above the rest of the pop world din out there (and made her fun to impersonate). And if last night’s rehearsal was any indication, she’s sure to do the original “Rebel Yell” justice.

#4 The Rebellious Attitude:
Behind Billy Idol’s success is a combination of zero f***s given and raw sex appeal. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see Miley has the same thing going for her and it keeps us fascinated. From motorbike accidents to sudden engagements, these two just do what they want. It’s a lifestyle. Don’t hate.

#5 Their Stage Names Rhyme:
The artist formerly known as Destiny Hope switched over to Miley Cyrus officially a few years back when her career skyrocketed as a teen. She assumed her new license credentials by dropping the “s” off her nickname Smiley. Billy Idol was born William Michael Albert Broad, but shortened it to Billy and took his surname alias from a schoolteacher’s description of him as “idle” as a boy.

                     Watch Billy Idol Perform "Rebel Yell"

[News] Miley Cyrus Tweet Out About The Tragic Shooting In Newtown, Connecticut

If you’re close enough to a computer to read this, you’ve obviously heard about the tragedy befallen the town of Newtown, Connecticut. Latest reports say that 18 of the 27 people shot in a school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary are children. Police have announced Adam Lanza as the suspected gunman; his mother was found dead inside the school. If only to distract yourself from the grim procession of new details (and the tears intermittently falling out of your eyes).

[News] 'Feels good to smile': Miley Cyrus cheers herself up by spending time with her other dogs after tragic death of Yorkshire Terrier Lila

She was left devastated following the unexpected death of her two-year-old Yorkshire Terrier Lila last week.
But now Miley Cyrus is doing her best to move on from the tragedy, by spending time with her numerous other pets.
The 20-year-old singer tweeted a picture of herself with her dogs, writing: 'This is just what mommy needed. These precious babies still here on earth are just what the doctor ordered. #pupsheal.'

In another shot, Miley is seen cuddling her dog Mary Jane close, while closing her eyes and enjoying the moment.
The So Undercover star's bleached blonde crop is slicked back, and Miley appears to be wearing a striped T-shirt and beaded necklace.
Miley also tweeted that Mary Jane was trying to climb onto her lap, writing: 'Mary Jane is trying to sit on my lap the way Lil Lila used to. It's workin out a lil differently. #feelsgoodtosmile.'

But it seems Miley's positive attitude was short-lived, as she then tweeted later on: 'Don't know how much more I can take.'
The picture comes just days after Miley tweeted about the passing of her beloved two-year-old Lila.
She had written: 'For everyone asking... I have never been so hurt in my life. My heart has never been so broken..... Lila my sweet baby girl has passed away.'

Source Via : DailyMail.Co.Uk

Saturday, December 15, 2012

[Video] Miley Cyrus Going MIA After Dog, Lila Dies

As many of you may have heard already, Miley's puppy, Lila just passed away. Tweet your love to her to support her on this pain.